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Committee is an integrated content production + talent management company that creates content across numerous platforms, including: branded, scripted, long form, and doc-series.



Here are some top-level guidelines for Agencies, Clients, and Production staff to consider as we go back to work. We will continue to evolve this with the times and the news.
Social Distancing is crucial to limiting the spread of COVID. Production will approach all gatherings with the following precautions:
Limiting groups to a maximum of 25, and limiting the overall amount of people on set.
Maintaining a minimum personal space of 6 feet.
Limiting interactions between cast and crew.
With smaller crews and sets, we allow additional time to accomplish tasks than the previous standard.

Consider additional shoot days to allow for a reduced number of locations/setups/moves per day.

Location prep days and/or pre-light days may be required to keep shoot day labor minimal.

Anything that can be achieved remotely should be, including virtual director scouting and PPM.

Agency/Client will be provided remote VTR capabilities, and are strongly encouraged to limit on-set personnel.
Additionally, whenever possible, we will limit new and unnecessary exposures by doing the following:
Casting real families/friends as groups (especially talent that have been quarantining together).

Utilizing the talents' current/recent locations to avoid bringing them into new spaces.

Working at existing shooting locations to limit fresh location scouting.

Prioritizing exterior shots and limiting interiors/confined spaces.

Using remote casting sessions and callbacks with live viewing capabilities.

Reducing exposure from Wardrobe through remote fittings and Stylists purchasing excess wardrobe online to ship directly to the talent.

Reducing or avoiding make-up unless absolutely necessary.
Medical Considerations:
Providing additional hand washing stations and mandating regular crew hand washing.

Requiring anyone who is sick to stay home.

Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including but not limited to gloves, goggles, face shields, and masks that cover the nose and mouth.

Introducing specialized housekeeping practices, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces, equipment, and other elements of the work environment.

Staggering crew (Set Build and Set Strike, Pre Light and Load Out) with time allowed for sanitizing the set between departments.

Scheduling time for members of each department to disinfect gear throughout the day.

Some locations may require pre and post cleaning, which may require hotel accommodations for homeowners during shoot prep, shoot, and wrap.

Including a medic from Tech Scout through Wrap who can consult on best practices from a medical POV, as well as address any early symptoms with cast or crew.

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